Digital Proofing

Digital Proofing


Sometimes you just need a low cost way to quickly print something to make sure your designs are correct. You can do just that with our digital proofers. We calibrate all our Epson SureColor P8080 to match our printing presses, so you can be certain that it will look the same when you go to production. Our digital proof sheets will allow you to see what your designs will look like on press without having to go to press. This is our process for bringing a concept from an idea to the shelf.

Step One: Upload the artwork

The first step is to upload the artwork to us. You can do this in many ways email, FTP or using one of the many cloud storage services.

Step Two: File Checking

Once we have the files we will do all the necessary prepress and colour checks to make sure everything is correct and send a PDF back to you to confirm.

Step Three: Print and Finish

Once the PDF we send back to you is confirmed. We then schedule time on the Digital Proofer to have it printed using production substrates so you get exactly what we would be using in production. We would then take this sheet for coating and finishing according to you specifications (matt, gloss, satin, PP laminate). This includes any special processes such as foiling, embossing, etc.

Step Four: Delivery

When the sheet is completed then we will send it out to you via courier.

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