Packaging Design

Packaging Design


Functionality and design are not mutually exclusive, at SKPrints we bring the two together in harmony to give you the best of both. Your artwork, design and specifications are seamlessly executed with structural integrity to make sure they stand up the the rigorous demands of transporting it around the world. This is our process for bringing a concept from an idea to the shelf.

Step One: Design Brief

We treat our customers as partners and in this process we would work closely together to refine the specifications. During this back and forth phase we would draw upon our expertise to advise on production limitations and manage the expectations for the project.

Step Two: Dieline

Every product is different and depending on the intended consumer, will need to be packaged differently. We will work with you in finding the most suitable dieline that fits your needs. We have a full team dedicated to structural design so creating the perfect first impression is easy.

Step Three: White Sampling

Once your dieline is completed, or after you have provided us with your dieline, we can help prduce a set of white samples to help you determine whether the design concept requires further fine tuning.

Step Four: Revision

Now that you have spent time with a white sample we will work together with you to perfect design and make necessary changes.

Step Five: Dieline Delivery

Once all the design work is done and has been approved, SKPrints will provide you with a dieline file in PDF which you can use to apply artwork to.

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