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Our People

Right Packaging By The Right People

Our staff are family to us with 60% of our work force consisting of people from the local community. We are only as strong as the community in which we operate, so it makes great sense for us to engage with our local communities to ensure pleasant working conditions. We are believers in equal opportunity for both genders regardless of age.


Well designed packaging is not only supposed to provide the basic functions of protecting the product; it should tirelessly market your products, helping them stand out and shine on the shelf. We therefore attach great importance in working with our customers from the very beginning to determine the right packaging solution for each product and purpose. Our experienced teams turn those ideas into reality at the design stage and follow through all the way down to delivery, helping to solve problems every step of the process.

The expertise we offer in Design, Colour and Production Management forms just part of the value that we add to your business. Having the right people who understand your business is invaluable to delivering beautiful packaging that makes your products shine.